Annie Mitchell

Annie Mitchell
Los Angeles

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Annie Mitchell, Light and Sound Artist
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Annie Mitchell is a light and sound artist interested in what drives us as humans, the environments in which we thrive, and the human connections we need to flourish.

Leveraging a career in design spanning two decades, Annie directed her training in technology and behavioral sciences to create immersive sound and light experiences that actively seek to change the collective tempo through a process that synchronizes human bio-functioning to external stimuli. By slowing the tempos of both the natural world and the audience, Annie hopes to create a meaningful connection between the two. Driven by research in neuroscience and bioecology, Annie looks to science to help her create immersive experiences that provoke a visceral reaction in her audience. Light, sound and environment discreetly work together to slow the perception of time passing and visitors often report that they feel completely free of tension and anxiety during and following the experiences.

Annie was born in Louisville, Kentucky where she still has many loved ones. She now resides joyously in Los Angeles, California. Her passion for creating deeply passive experiences in the natural world stems from her curiosity around the inner workings of her own mind and her lifelong connection with nature.

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