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Washington, DC

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Finding Common Ground
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Ann, a devoted SEGD staff member for over 19 years, was Interim CEO of SEGD in late 2019 and early 2020.

She previously served as COO, Interim Executive Director, Managing Editor of the SEGD color magazine, and Director of Membership & Communications.

Over the years, Ann has been pivotal in growing SEGD's membership significantly. Under her direction, SEGD moved to an online design awards process, started a new magazine, transitioned to a new website, grew the SEGD Auction, and elevated the SEGD Achievement Awards.

Ann joined SEGD when there were only three other staffers and SEGD lived in a small corner of the National Building Museum. In the ensuing years, she has literally done every single job at SEGD, though the time she picked up a poster at Massimo Vignelli’s New York apartment was probably the coolest.

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Ann Makowski, Interim CEO

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Like many of our member firms, SEGD is a small business. We have eight employees; half worked remotely prior to COVID-19 and now the other half work remotely as well. In the new normal, we’re working hard to stay healthy, stay sane, and stay productive. We’re learning how to keep our personal world small, meanwhile letting everyone zoom in to see us—cats and pajama bottoms and all.

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