Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi is a Graphic Designer at Security Signs in Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

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Andrea Rossi is a Graphic Designer at Security Signs in Portland, Oregon.

Before joining Security Signs in 2008 Andrea Rossi worked for Tube Art and Signart for twenty years before that.

Security Signs has award-winning designers who take a client’s logo (artwork) and maximize it for the best branding and visibility possible. They create signage for every possible budget, using materials that will last and ensure visibility and long-term performance.

The Designers work with the Account Managers and clients to discuss options, budget, and the ‘wow factor’ that makes your project unique. For clients who have corporate artwork specifications, our Designers are careful to make sure every requirement is met. 

'Commercial Construction Magazine' (formerly 'Retail Construction Magazine') has consistently named Security Signs one of the top 100 sign companies in the country.  The company won awards from the Austin Family Business Program in 2002 and 2007.

Security Signs fabricate:

  • Free standing: Signs include directionals, corporate directories, stone or brick monuments, single or double pole-based monuments, gateway (entrance) identification, message center structures, tenant identification, shopping center identification or anything not attached to a building.
  • Wall Mounted Signs: illuminated cabinets, individual illuminated (channel) letters, projecting, blade, electronic message centers and non-illuminated cut letters (flush or stand-off mounted). Wall-mounted signs are only limited by code (city and landlord) criteria and wall size. There are types of wall mounted signs for every budget. These signs are generally internally illuminated with LED bulbs.

  • Message Centers: This type of signage is generally incorporated into a free-standing or wall-mounted sign. It can be single sided (one sign) or double sided (two signs), depending on the budget and the code allowances.Common types of wall mounted signs include channel letters (individual letters), cabinets, channel wraps (a cabinet with the look of individual letters) or projecting. Neon is often used as an accent for the letters or the border of the cabinet. Exposed neon can also be used in open-faced channel letters.

  • Interior signs: help brand a business when they are installed in a lobby area. Interior signs maybe internally illuminated or externally illuminated. Often they are not directly illuminated. No permitting is required with interior signage. There are many materials and applications for every budget to provide that great first impression for your reception area. Common materials used often have a brushed metal finish. A company’s logo can always be replicated with an interior sign in any material that is determined feasible for the location. Other interior signage includes wayfinding, directional, suite numbers, changeable lobby directories, digitally printed displays and ADA compliant. There are many types of sign systems that are affordable and will help get people around the location in a safe and expeditious way.

Andrea Rossi Studied at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York.

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