Amanda Yates

Amanda Yates is a Lead Designer, Brand Experience at PGAV Destinations in Saint Louis, MO
Saint Louis, MO

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Amanda Yates is a Lead Designer, Brand Experience at PGAV Destinations in Saint Louis, MO.

Amanda Yates is a designer interested in making things that are both relevant and powerful.

She is currently designing relevant and powerful experiences at PGAV Destinations and teaching an EGD class at Washington Universities Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts in Saint Louis.

PGAV Destinations believe in "Experiences and exhibits that stretch the imagination(without breaking the laws of physics)."

PGAV Destinations designs attractions, exhibits, and experiences that enrich lives. Using intuition, intellect, and imagination, we help our clients create enduring memories in the minds of their guests.

An unforgettable story. That’s what PGAV Destinations promise. A story your guests can see, hear, feel, and walk through. Or under. Or around. PGAV Destinations design unbelievable experiences to tell these stories. Experiences that blend our clients’ biggest dreams with a deep understanding of the ways that people move through the world.

They’re sculptors, designers, architects, artists, and strategists devoted to something bigger than experiences alone. They’re devoted to the people who will be changed by those experiences.

Before joining PGAV Destinations in 2010 Amanda Yates worked as a Research Assistant at Washington University and a Graphic Designer at Spoke Marketing.

Amanda Yates Earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Washington in St. Louis

Connect with Amanda Yates on LinkedIn.

See her work at PGAV Destinations.


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