Alvaro Amat

Alvaro Amat, The Field Museum Exhibition Design

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Álvaro Amat has been with The Field Museum since 2007. He has more than 20 years of experience as an architect, designer, educator, and artist, working in Spain, Mexico, and the United States. His creative work, ranging from buildings and installation art to designed objects, poetry, and exhibitions, has developed around the relationship between people, the experience of space, objects, and narrative.

As the Exhibition Design Director at The Field Museum in Chicago, he supervises the design process of all new Field Museum permanent, temporary, and traveling exhibitions. He directs and defines the design of exhibition spaces for as many as 12 projects a year, integrating environments that incorporate artifacts, specimens, replications, furniture, lighting, media, and interactive components for the defined visitor experience.

A an artist Álvaro Amat works with space and installation to reflect about space, objects, and human interaction. His art work is approached as a method of inquiry about lived experience, engaging art as a way of knowing or arts-based research, in collaboration with other artists, educators, designers, and scientists. These projects involve the art practice as a process of understanding human experience in space and time.

View more of Álvaro Amat's work at the The Field Museum. Connect with Álvaro on LinkedIn.

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