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SEGD Global Design Awards

MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, East Campus Housing
MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, East Campus Housing

2017 SEGD Arrow Award Recipient
2020 Merit Award in Placemaking & Identity

SH has a mission to enhance spaces of all kinds with innovative and high-quality products and solutions. Adding to their portfolio of award-winning specialty retail showrooms, SH is also a leading provider of material and graphic solutions for a variety of applications. SH specializes in large-format and high square-footage projects with a focus on long-term exterior durability. Its team of experienced graphic designers and a fully automated 85,000 square-foot facility offer the knowledge and experience an international clientele has come to rely on. 
Our custom powder-coated graphics product, ALTO™ Aluminum, uses a proprietary dye sublimation process to fuse UV-inks into durable aluminum panels that add beauty and value to indoor and outdoor environments. ALTO™ stands out as a breakthrough product in the field of ecologically sustainable graphics innovations with its remarkable durability, zero-VOC and zero-TGIC powder coats, UV inks and eco-friendly use of aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material. 
ALTO™ Aluminum and FOLIA™ Laminates can be found in cities, parks, transit stations, zoos, museums, public art installations and many other public and private sites across the globe. For SH, every project is an opportunity to promote creativity, encourage artists and designers, and provide the materials that help our clients make a lasting effect in the public art, placemaking, wayfinding, experimental graphic design and architectural fields.
SH has been recognized by the SEGD multiple times over the past 17 years, most recently as part of the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility project, which received the Merit Award in Placemaking & Identity at the 2020 Global Design Awards. SH was also honored with an Arrow Award (2017) for advancing new manufacturing processes, developing innovative products and for encouraging sustainable practices. 
As specialists in large-format, multi-panel applications, we have the attention to detail and experience to bring our clients’ work to life on a truly impressive scale. From color-matching and quality-controlled production to the care that goes into ensuring a seamless match between panels, we collaborate with artists, project managers and designers every step of the way. We understand the hard work and passion that goes into every project, whether its public art or placemaking, and our goal is to provide a finished product that defies expectations. 
Since: 2006
Certifications: N/A
City: Huntingdon
Province: Quebec



2017 SEGD Distinguished Member, Kelly Kolar, receives her award.
2017 SEGD Fellow and Achievement Award Winners Announced

During the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience

2017 SEGD Arrow Award Recipient SH Immersive Environments
2017 SEGD Arrow Award Recipient SH Immersive Environments

2017 SEGD Arrow Award: SH Immersive Env

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