All the World’s a Canvas, Amahl Hazelton

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Keynote: All the World’s a Canvas
Inspiring Transformative Engagement
Amahl Hazelton, Head of Strategy and Development for Public Spaces, Moment Factory

Recognized since 2001 as a leader in live entertainment and brand experiences, Moment Factory increasingly leverages the experience, expertise and R&D of over 400 creatives for Experiential Placemaking in all kinds of Destinations--from the secular to the sacred, from cultural, heritage, museum and nature attractions to the world’s busiest airports and train stations and every- where in between.

Society is evolving from the experience economy to a transformation economy at breakneck speed. New generations are hungry for meaningful, inclusive, participative experiences that not only attract and engage their attention—but are also accessible, open and educative—that invite them to become an active part of the experience and not just a spectator. In an era where designers can realistically use any interior or exterior environment as a canvas for storytelling content, Amahl Hazelton will explore how we are collaborating to move beyond entertainment and invent the next generation of transformative public experiences.

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