Alicia Hungerford

Alicia Hungerford, BRC Imagination Arts
Los Angeles

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Working next to the Executive Creative Director and Executive Producer, Alicia Hungerford ensures concepts are delivered on time and on budget. She manages artists, writers, graphic designers, and environmental designers, and communicate with partners and clients on a day-today-basis. Alicia works closely in the creative team by supporting narrative and art direction in addition to image reference and research to deliver cohesive packages.

Alicia Hungerford's work requires organization and communication skills as she handles multiple projects specific to brands and cultural attractions through each step of the concept development process. This includes schedule and budget management, presentation/package design development.

Alicia Hungerford is a passionate storyteller with specific interest in brand storytelling, cultural attractions, and public engagement.  She thrives when faced with the challenge of connecting a brand and their public. Alicia believes that narratives cultivate personal connections--and this is what drives her work. Grounded on great research and analytics, and reliant on fluid synergy--we can build one of a kind creative productions that connect audiences to the brand. She strives to make an impact on visitor impressions in cultural experiences and help brands highlight their story.

Alicia Hungerford has experience in Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media, offering perspective as a user and administrator. Planning for and organizing events is her strong suit as she is quick on my feet, detail oriented, and thrive in high stress situations. Alicia offers strong skills in administration, creativity, and research; hold experience in corporate, non-profit, and agency public relations and value hard work and collaboration.

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