Ali Syed

Ali Syed
Montreal, Canada

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Ali Syed is an information and wayfinding designer who strives to achieve what we call 'Graphical excellence' in his work. His design approach is universal and user-centred where complex ideas are communicated to increase clarity and efficiency in order to enhance user-experience. Ali Syed’s design thinking is co-creative where he likes to collaborate with urbanists, architects, technologists, city planners and citizens to create public places that are both sensorial and technologically intelligent.

Ali Syed holds a post-graduate MA specializing in Information Design and Wayfinding from the Department of Typography and Design Communication, University of Reading, UK. He also holds a second masters in Biochemistry and Molecular biology thus bringing an analytical approach to his design thinking. Today, Ali is a driving force behind Wayfinding strategy and design communication at Bélanger Branding Design.

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