Alexander Isley Presents: Not Your Average Medical Conference

Alexander Isley image of Global Health Forum identity

Alexander Isley Inc. (Redding, Ct.) created a comprehensive identity, communication and environmental design program for the inaugural Financing and Innovation in Global Health (FIGH) Forum, held last month at the US Institute of Peace in Washington, DC.

The event was developed to help foster relationships between policy makers, healthcare leaders, global health ministers, and potential funders.

Alexander Isley's mission was to create an environment that “didn’t look like your typical medical conference” and develop an approach that supported a dynamic program in a way that was engaging, challenging, and spirited.

Alexander Isley based the visual approach on cues taken from the designs of engraved historical bank notes and medical illustrations, places in which the themes of financing, health and medicine happened to overlap perfectly.

As part of the program Alexander Isley also developed the environmental design of the "Innovation Galaxy" venue, where a variety of exhibitors could present their offerings and hold offsite conversations. The space had at one time been developed as a parking garage, all gray concrete and columns. It's rewarding to see what one can do with a few well-placed lights and thoughtfully arranged standalone structures.

The editorial and visual program was applied to a wide range of environmental designs, digital communication elements and traditional printed pieces to provide a consistent, engaging and spirited experience.

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