Alexander Isley Helps Ridgefield Library Build Community

The town of Ridgefield, Connecticut has a new library — a dynamic, technologically sophisticated, and energy efficient showpiece designed by Newman Architects in New Haven.

Demolition of an old structure and the new construction process made for an adventure in logistics. Earlier this year, after nearly two years of being housed in temporary quarters, the library was starting to prepare for their grand reopening. They asked Alexander Isley (West Redding, Conn.) to help introduce the new facility to the community.

Alexander Isley thought the best way to raise awareness — and get people in the doors — would be to talk about all the new library would offer, and in so doing perhaps change some preconceptions about what a library is.

So Alexander Isley took it as their mission to help people understand how the Ridgefield library was planned to be a center of community, offering services, programs, and collaborative spaces that provide vital resources to a wide variety of users.

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