Alexander Isley Designs Identity and More for ReThinkNYC

rethink nyc by isley

ReThinkNYC is an ambitious, comprehensive plan to reimagine New York City-area public transit, with a mission of enabling all regional transportation systems to work together efficiently and economically using existing infrastructure.

Under the leadership of the visionary designer Jim Venturi, ReThinkStudio has developed a series of innovative and noteworthy proposals for addressing rail transit in and around the metropolitan area, improving the efficiency of Penn Station, and proposing what was once a seemingly radical vision for the future of LaGuardia Airport that is now beginning to gain some traction.

Alexander Isley Inc. (West Redding, Ct.) worked with the ReThink team to create an identity and communication program that works to identify both the main design studio as well as its various individual local initiatives, including ReThinkNYC.

Alexander Isley took a few considerations into account in developing the ReThink identity system: With clients whose offerings might not be visually engaging, an identity design often needs to resort to aggressive visuals in order to establish a sensibility and convey point of view.

In the case of ReThinkStudio, no such frippery is required, as compelling visuals are a key component of their message. An intrusive, “look at me” visual approach would just get in the way and quite often be counterproductive.

Alexander Isley's suggestion was to develop a simple, strong, and easily identifiable wordmark that would stand out when used in combination with the studio’s persuasive informational presentations, which are well considered, compelling, and quite beautiful in their own right.

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