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Alan Hughes, NEXT/NOW

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20 Questions with NEXT/NOW—Digital Experiences for Retail, Museums
Articles referencing Alan Hughes: 20 Questions with NEXT/NOW—Digital Experiences for Retail, Museums

next-gen interactive for exhibit, museum, brand, and retail spaces

Completely focused on creating 'digital branding experiences in physical spaces'--creating unforgettable moments of connection between people and brands, in trade show exhibits, retail spaces, museums, and corporate environments.

The tools we utilize are next-generation interactive installations, utilizing multi-touch surfaces, gesture-based reactive interfaces, real-time video integration, iDevices, and unique video projection mapping. All of our projects are designed to achieve multiple goals:

-Attract and entice the user to approach and ‘play’
-Build on existing brand foundation and product messaging
-Gather personal information or metrics from the user
-Reward the user for getting closer to the brand
-Extend the experience to social media

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