Aija Freimane

Aija Freimane
Beverinas, Latvia

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Design mindfulness and sensibility are my abilities towards happiness, satisfaction, and effectiveness by design.

I practice and advise on diverse human-centered design research, design and creative thinking methods in process, strategy and new products, together with service development. ​Humans and continuity as sustainability, empathy and senses are central to my everyday being and are the subjects of the research for design.

I have a multi-contextual educational and professional background, and experience, thinking, interest and understanding that led me to my doctoral study of design, people and sustainability practices in Latvia in line with a global context.

In my postdoctoral study I have defined perceived added value of design that measures cultural and personal satisfaction, happiness and well-being as a result of design’s socio-economic impact from the user’s perspective across five generations and four socioeconomic class groups. I advocate design as a method of creating happy and satisfied societies. I have published the book 'Perceived Design Value' where the triple design process and design maturity matrix are proposed to witness design’s added value in a framework of redefined design definition. This study has received prestigious A‘ Design Award in Meta, Strategy and Service design category 2020-2021.

I am proud to have the first design PhD in Latvia. I am proud that I received the postdoctoral research grant in a high competition among priority sciences and finished the first and the only postdoctoral research for design in Latvia. I initiated and implemented research-based product and service design development practice at the Art Academy of Latvia.

As a side result of my PhD, I developed and published Design Footprints (“Dizaina pēdas” in Latvian), an interactive timeline, map of design, socio-economic, political, technological, and sustainability facts from 1588–2015.

As an Associate Professor of the Art Academy of Latvia, I lecture on several subjects within the arts and creative industries including design and project management. I also supervise design Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral theses and projects. I designed and managed the first (and only), continuous education program ‘Design teacher’ (2009-2011) for in-service art teachers located in Latvia.

​​I founded an NGO ‘Creative partnership’ in 1997 and continue to be a managing and creative director of the organisation. The organisation is involved in informal art, craft, design, and music subjects, including creative education for children and youth.

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