Adeline Ross

Adeline Ross
Savannah, GA

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Adeline Ross is a graphic designer and aspiring linguist with a passion for aiding and observing humanity in its various pursuits of compassion, respect, and understanding. She believes that the first role of design is to assist in other forms of communication where depth in words will not do, to extend oneself beyond the barriers of linguistic and cultural restrictions to make all audiences feel heard. That any issue, large or small, is often due to a lack of either empathy or understanding. Therefore, Adeline commits herself first to fervent research and then to pushing her work to bring both visual and intellectual depth to match the problem at hand.

Adeline Ross prefers to keep her medium as flexible as possible, with only a concentration in effective nonverbal communication and improving user experience, as to avoid being restricted by her craft. Graphic design is a tool to reach people, to bear one’s own heart on their sleeve and remind the audience that we belong to a shared human experience, without opening one’s mouth.

View more of Adeline Ross' work on her portfolio website. Connect with Adeline on LinkedIn,Facebook,and Behance.

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