Activity Review | On Mother's Day "Looking for Re Corbusier - Home for Mother"

Sunday, May 9, 2021 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm

On the evening of Mother’s Day May 9th, in order to commemorate the great architect Re Corbusier, the drama "Looking for Re Corbusier-A Home for Mother" was performed successfully in Beijing. It was planned, written and organized by Mr. Liu Yuguang, who is the outstanding alumni of Tongji University , and it was sponsored by Beijing SHIYU and SEGD Beijing Chapter. Many alumni participated in the performance.


Liu Yuguang, a Master of Architecture from Tongji University admitted in 1994, has participated in many well-known domestic architectural designs, such as the Beijing Phoenix Center and the Chinese Embassy in Australia. The venue for this performance is one of his work, it is next to Tianning Temple in Beijing Xicheng District, and that originally was the Beijing Second Thermal Power Plant, now became “Tianning No. 1 Industrial Park".


The lakeside cottage built by Re Corbusier for his parents in his early years became the important milestone in his realization of the architect's dream, and with his mother's support he has became a master architect from an obscure decorator. The house Re Corbusier built for his mother contained his love for his mother. This lakeside house with the imprint of modern architecture also became the best gift he gave to his mother. It called "Mother's House" later by the world. ". Re Corbusier used this house as the material to write the book “Vers Une Architecture", and put forward the five important elements of architectural in the book, which laid the foundation for later modern architects.


Sponsored by the Beijing Society of Women Architects, this event reproduced the story of Re Corbusier from entering the construction industry to a master of design in the form of a multi-act melodrama. By comparing Re Corbusier's design theory with today's architectural design and construction technology, it demonstrates the influence of his architectural theory on modern times. To understand the life story of the master and explore the spirit of modern architecture advocated by the master, we jointly created a meaningful experience of Mother's Day theme activities.


As the second time for the SEGD Beijing branch to co-organize the "Looking for Re Corbusier" theme event, we will hold more offline events and seminars in the future, gather more professional designers and design enthusiasts, and provide more opportunities and platforms to share and  exchanges experiences and ideas.


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