Access Up To $3,000 Worth of Digital Benefits With Your SEGD Membership

This article should probably be called the best $375 a year you could possibly invest in yourself and your business. But that is not our style. Let's just prove it to you instead. For your $375 SEGD membership in addition to all the great events and networking that you can do you will also receive digitally the following benefits.

Digital Member Benefits Chart

How do you access these benefits?

Step One: Renew your membership

Step Two: Send in or update your Member Bio on

Clients are researching who to hire on the SEGD website. Leadfeeder shows us which firms are visiting and—in just weeks—we’ve seen 500+ universities, 100+ city and government institutions, 37 healthcare facilities and 30 museums visit the site. In 2017, we’ll be tracking and reacting to visitor behavior even more by modifying our tags and indexes—making sure potential clients can find you.

They’ll find you because you have a Member Bio on Member Bios receive 500-1,000 views every year. A link on your Bio to your firm helps to drive traffic to your firm. (That’s a $200 value on Google Adwords.)

Once they find you on the site—thanks to pushing 48,000+ visitors to member websites through 3,500+ links on—they’ll find your website. (That’s a $110 value using Google Adwords.)

Most Member Bios are in the top five positions in a Google search, ensuring there is good professional information available about you on Google. Search traffic makes up over 235,000 visits every year (54% of traffic) on (That’s at least $50 based on Google Adwords.)

We have clear evidence of visitors searching for design firms on via our Leadfeeder visitor analysis software.

Step three: Increase the chances a visitor can find you—by a factor of 10—by purchasing a Firm Listing on (Another $1,000-2,000 value compared to Google Adwords.)

As a member you have free access to more than180 SEGD Talks videos covering all the educational sessions from SEGD’s recent events. (That’s a value of $2,870 vs. registering to attend the events.)

It all starts with renewing and making sure you have an updated Member Bio on Half of you reading this don’t have one. Send your close cropped headshot (400x400px) and 200+ words about yourself to [email protected]—now!