SEGD President

Headshot of Jill Ayers, President and Creative Director of Design360
Jill Ayers


Headshot of Jill Ayers, President and Creative Director of Design360
Jill Ayers
Patrick Angelel, CREO Industrial Arts, 2013 SEGD Board Member, CRĒO
Patrick Angelel
John Lutz Headshot
John Lutz
Amy Lukas Headshot
Amy Lukas

2015 SEGD Board

Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye
Bryan Meszaros
Jody Graff, Drexel University
Jody Graff
Headshot of Graham Hanson, Graham Hanson Design
Graham Hanson
Patrick Angelel, CREO Industrial Arts, 2013 SEGD Board Member, CRĒO
Patrick Angelel
George-Lim SEGD Denver Chapter Chair, Tangram
George Lim
Wayne McCutcheon, Entro
Wayne McCutcheon
Gary Stemler, archetype
Gary Stemler
Amy Lukas Headshot
Amy Lukas
John Lutz Headshot
John Lutz
Headshot of Jill Ayers, President and Creative Director of Design360
Jill Ayers
Headshot of Steve Bayer, Daktronics
Steve Bayer
Headshot of Steven Stamper, Founder fd2s
Steven Stamper
Headshot of Julie Vogel of Kate Keating Associates
Julie Vogel
HEadshot of Stephen Minning, Managing Director of BrandCulture
Stephen Minning
Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall

Past Presidents

Amy Lukas Headshot
Amy Lukas
Sue Gould, President of Lebowitz | Gould | Design, Inc.
Sue Gould
Headshot of Patrick Gallagher, Principal of Gallagher & Associates
Patrick Gallagher
Virginia Gehshan headshot
Virginia Gehshan
HEadshot of David Gibson, Prinical two twelve design
David Gibson
Headshot of Wayne-Hunt, Principal Hunt Design Associates, Past President of SEGD
Wayne Hunt
John Berry, Design West Michigan
John Berry
Jim Glass
Jim Glass
Rich Burns
Rich Burns
Wayne McCutcheon, Entro
Wayne McCutcheon
Headshot of Steven Stamper, Founder fd2s
Steven Stamper
Headshot of Jonathan Alger, C&G Partners
Jonathan Alger
Headshot of Peter Dixon, Prophet
Peter Dixon
Robert Goes
Robert Goes
Headshot of Doug Morris, Partner in Poulin + Morris
Douglas Morris
Hannah Jennings
Headshot of Gretchen Coss, Gallagher & Associates
Gretchen Coss
Carol Naughton headshot
Carol Naughton
Paula Rees
Jack Biesek
Jack Biesek
Headshot of Tom Casey
Thomas Casey
John Muhlhausen, MD&A
John Muhlhausen
Headshot for Jeffrey Corbin, SEGD Past President
Jeff Corbin

Who is SEGD?

SEGD - The Society for Experiential Graphic Design

We are the global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to place.

We are graphic and information designers, fabricators, architects, exhibition designers, technology integrators, interaction designers, brand strategists, students, wayfinding specialists, teachers, and others who have a hand in shaping content-rich, experiential spaces.

We are over 1,700 members in more than 20 countries.

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SEGD History The First Fourty Years

What do members say about SEGD?


"I love SEGD, its staff, and its members around the world. Being named the 2008 SEGD Fellow was one of the highest recognitions of my professional life. And my practice has been enriched by SEGD educational workshops. Congratulations on expanding your reach with the new website and digital edition of the magazine! And I applaud the strategic decision to make SEGD more visible internationally through partnership with Icograda. Thank you, SEGD. Life is beautiful."
Ronald Shakespear, Diseño Shakespear Argentina

"SEGD is like a family; you can reach out to fellow members when you need help. In any partnership, it's important to have the right networking in place. And you always want to associate yourself with like-minded people who have the same goals, aims, and aspirations - but how they get there may be very different. That's where our strength lies as an organization - not in our similarities but in our differences. I am glad to be a part of SEGD; even all the way in Dubai, I feel like I am connected."
Sajjad (Sage) Mamdani, Sign Works, Dubai

"I rely on SEGD to connect me to the world - and it does. Every day. Which is night in New Zealand."
Bella Akroyd, pHd3, Auckland, New Zealand

"Joining SEGD has been a massive benefit, giving us access to an international community with unbelievable resources: new business opportunities, information regarding the latest technology, projects and products, and the ability to network and make friends with a broad spectrum of fabricators, designers and clients. It gives us a competitive edge."
Alex Wood, The Holmes Wood Consultancy, London

"Beyond its international awards program, annual conference, and publications, it is the spirit of collaboration between (professional and industry) members that makes SEGD membership so rewarding."
Jack Bryce, Jack Bryce Urban Design, Brisbane, Australia

“I love the EGD profession more and more—and segdDESIGN only reassures me that I have chosen the right career path for myself. Thank you so much for publishing this color magazine. I've always enjoyed Messages, but segdDESIGN adds another level of detail and inspiration. I am really proud to be part of this organization.”
Becky Horais

“I commend you for the Request for Proposals that you provided. It makes my membership with SEGD really worthwhile, as you continually look out for our well-being and career/business opportunities for our success. Kudos—and more power to you—and us members.”
Roger Dacquigan Aninag, RHA Designs

“I want to thank you for running my ad on the SEGD Job Bank. Because of that, I just completed carving a rock for Lackawanna County Stadium. This is only the beginning.”
Houmann Oshidari

“SEGD emails make my day. They don't always result in the action that you are hoping for, but it isn't for lack of effort. Thanks for making these necessary messages so entertaining, because I do look forward to them, rather than adding SEGD to my SPAM blocker.”
Dawn Diamond, The Douglas/Group

“In segdDESIGN magazine, you ask ‘… if the world really needs another design magazine.’ As a museum professional, I want you to know that I have never seen better coverage of a museum exhibition than in your article on The International Spy Museum. Both the writing and photography were first rate, thorough, and very informative.”
Ed Bedno, University of the Arts

“I have wanted for a long time to give credit where credit is due—the team leadership of the SEGD organization. I have been a member now for several years and am often quoted for saying that AIA and IIDA need to get an injection from the formula your team uses.
I have had great, great experiences with the educational aspect of SEGD. Not only have I benefited, but so too have my employees, clients, and my mentored students.
For what I have gained in professional expertise and comrades, SEGD are initials I am proud to display after my name. From an entrepreneurial perspective, it is the best buy for my business bucks!”
Mari Frith, SEGD IIDA, Mari Frith Associates

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