6 Ways DesignX at DSE 2016 Will Change the Way You Think About Customer Experiences

Creating smart, meaningful experiences in public spaces requires you to understand—and leverage—all the technologies, platforms, content and disciplines that make up a successful project. DesignX—March 15-16 at Digital Signage Expo 2016 in Las Vegas—will give you the tools you need AND change the way you think about designing user-centric digital experiences.

Meet us at DesignX!

On Tuesday, March 15, top designers and technologists will lead sessions focused on the key elements of effective digital experiences. On Wednesday, March 16, DesignX continues with a guided half-day tour of the Digital Signage Expo 2016 show floor—where you’ll see the latest technologies, platforms and strategies in action.

Here’s how DesignX will change your ways of thinking about creating digital experiences:

1. It takes the right team.
Will Ayers of Selbert Perkins Design and Gregory Neely of Forge Media + Design are your guides on a quick and intense journey to assembling your best digital team. First, you’ll learn how to ask your client the right questions to determine their business objectives for the project.  You’ll also learn how to make sure your team has the right skillsets to deliver UX/UI deliverables, and you’ll leave with an understanding of how to pare down digital options and focus on the right solution for your project.

2. Everything you do is about the user.
And all content and experiences you design and create must align with the user’s needs. Jeffrey Dumo of Array Interactive and Jason Helton of S|N|A are experts in matching project objectives and deliverables to the needs of the user. They’ll guide you through a session focused developing a content narrative appropriate to user needs and project objectives, including such factors as frequency of change, level of interactivity required and maintenance and creation of future media/content. You’ll also get a grip on the process of content mapping, content prototypes for user testing and feedback during development and emerging service models, media ecosystems and technologies.

3. Platform choices are key.
The platform and technologies you choose will be determined by the intended user experience. Jeff Grantz, Materials & Methods, will make sure you understand the vocabulary for low- and high-fidelity design designs that match objectives, needs and the realities of time, budget and spatial constraints.  He’ll guide you through potential and existing display technologies and content delivery systems, proposing reasonable project schedules and understanding the relationship between client goals, platform choices and user experience.

4. You must master the budget.
Budgeting for interactive experience projects is complex and requires specific knowledge about technologies and how team members work together. Mark Andreasson, Design Communications Ltd., has a world of experience creating and managing budgets for customer experiences. He’ll guide you through the process of creating a budget for your interactive experience project, including working with collaborators to get accurate estimates for products, services and maintenance. He’ll also focus on balancing strategy, timeline and budget to meet project goals.

5. Analytics are where it’s at.
Roger Starkweather and Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye Global, will leave you with a new appreciation for analytics and what mastering them can do for you. You’ll learn how data analytics are being used to evaluate digital signage effectiveness and, through a client-based use case, you’ll see how analytics can provide insights that help you meet your client’s business objectives and create meaningful experiences.

6. Seeing is knowing.
Show floors can be an amazing source of inspiration and learning, but they can also be overwhelming and intimidating. Technology shows can be even more daunting—unless you know what you’re looking for. You’ll join a guided tour of the Digital Signage Expo and will leave with targeted knowledge about the new technologies, successful products and emerging trends in interactive experience-making.

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