50 years of Vision, Innovation and Design

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Drum roll please … the 2023 SEGD events calendar for our 50th year is here. Which event will you register for first? We suggest registering for all events, first!  “Wait, what did you say?” Yes, we said it correctly. You can register for Wayfinding + Placemaking, BE, Xlab, 2023 SEGD Conference Experience and all SEGDVoices with a click of a button through our event bundle. Secure your spot first for the best price for each of these events during this celebratory year. Purchase the 2023 SEGD Event Bundle here.

Our 50th year is a big deal and we look forward to celebrating 50 years of vision, innovation and design with YOU. Looking to do a bit more? As 2022 is coming to a close and 2023 budgets are firming up, now is the perfect time to add a conference partnership to your 2023 commitments. SEGD 2023 Conference Experience Washington D.C. is a monumental opportunity to showcase your commitment to the future of experiential design. Commit to SEGD as we collectively make space for connection, create moments of exhilaration, build experiences with emotion and help people find our way. To learn more, reach out to Kristin Bennani for the 2023 SEGD Prospectus.


January 2023

SEGDVoices 01: Winning Entry Strategies for GDA

Virtual Webinar


January 2023

Careers in Experiential Design

Virtual Job Fair


February 2023

SEGDVoices 02: Management + Leadership

Virtual Webinar


March 2023

SEGDVoices 03: Ableism

Virtual Webinar


April 27-28, 2023 

Wayfinding + Placemaking Transportation 

In-Person - Los Angeles


May 2023

SEGDVoices 04: Exhibition

Virtual Webinar


June 2023

SEGDVoices 05: Branded Experiences

Virtual Webinar


June 2023

SEGDVoices 06: Sustainability

Virtual Webinar


June 28-29, 2023

Academic Summit

Virtual Webinar


August 23 - 26, 2023

SEGD 2023 Conference Experience 

In-Person - Washington DC


November 2, 2023

Branded Environments

In-Person, NYC


November 3, 2023


In-Person, NYC


November 2023

SEGDVoices 07: Web3

Virtual Webinar

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2023 SEGD Academic Summit
2023 Experience Washington D.C.
2023 Branded Environments