5 Ways This Year’s Xlab Will Challenge, Excite and Inspire You

If you don't attend the 2017 SEGD Xlabevent, you will miss out on the opportunity to hear how technology is being implemented to shake up the user experience. You will not hear how disruption is shaping the vision for our cities, how the evolution of both design strategy and technology are yielding disruption in both public experiences and public spaces, how you can prepare your firm for tectonic shifts in business, or how new experiences—fueled by new uses of technology—are radically disrupting the way traditional spaces are connecting with their users. Find out what happens after firms adopt new technology. Don't miss Xlab!

At this year’s event, you'll meet incredible speakers, learn about inspiring projects, go on exclusive tours and connect with designers and makers from around the world at this exciting two-day event focused on “Experiences in the Era of Disruption.“

Haven't made up your mind just yet? Here are five good reasons you need to be at Xlab on November 2 and 3 in New York City:

  1. The best Xlab lineup ever. With each year, Xlab gets better and better. At this year’s event, the leaders shaping the digital landscape will come together to share their insight into creating experiences that push the boundaries of experiential graphic design. Speakers and moderators from Gallagher & Associates, C&G Partners, iart ag, Lab at Rockwell, Two Twelve, Living Map, Intersection, Reality Interactive, WeWork, Float4, Potion, Tessellate, Civiq and the DailyDOOH will challenge you to change the way you think about designing experiences. View the complete agenda.
  2. The chance to tour innovative firms and see the city. Event tours provide exclusive access to innovative spaces and a first-hand opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry. At the 2017 SEGD Xlab event, attendees can choose from six studio innovation tours and two experiential walking tours on Friday, November 3. Peruse the studios of C&G Partners, Gallagher & Associates, Intersection, LAB at Rockwell Group (SOLD OUT!), Potion and Tessellate at New Inc.; see experiential retail in action on a walking tour; or learn about the history and future of electronic/digital messaging in Times Square. Read more Xlab tours.
  3. An inspiring keynote who has reinvented how digital technology is used. Join Valentin Spiess as he closes the 2017 SEGD Xlab event on November 2 with a keynote presentation to discuss his groundbreaking project, the award-winning Kunstmuseum Basel Light Frieze. Hear what it took to rethink the intersection of digital and physical and re-imagine the digital experience. Read our interview with Valentin.
  4. So many opportunities to mix, mingle and network. At this year’s event, you’ll have plenty of chances to hang out with your friends, colleagues and leaders in the field. The 2017 SEGD Xlab event kicks off on Wednesday, November 1, with a mixer (additional info to come). But wait, there’s more. On Thursday, SEGD NYC will host a chapter mixer, and all Xlab attendees are invited to attend. And don’t miss out on the Xlab tours—a crowd-favorite networking opportunity.
  5. You and your clients deserve it. Tons of scientific research has proven that taking breaks boosts your focus,  creativity, and productivity. Attending Xlab 2017 will provide the needed break and face-time with your peers and mentors—not to mention creating an environment of continuous learning for yourself and your practice! You clients, of course, will receive the benefit of your new knowledge and renewed focus. Can you say "win-win"?

There are only 2 weeks left until Xlab begins! Register now.

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