5 Ways Xlab 2016 Will Inspire, Thrill and Amuse You

Xlab 2016 is the farthest thing from a ho-hum business conference—and to prove it, we'll give you five good reasons you'll leave New York inspired, amused and just plain happy you went. 

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If you don't go, you will miss out on understanding how the rapidly evolving paradigm of experiential graphic design is beginning to revolutionize city networks (.e. the beginnings of smart city interfaces. You will not hear how new engaging content models are being created for clients. Understand the ways that experiential graphic design is changing the materiality of physical and virtual environments, and creating a new paradigm for responding to the realm of data and algorithms. This is a critical year of trends and implementations. Don't miss Xlab!

At Xlab 2016, you'll meet incredible speakers, study inspiring projects, go on exclusive tours and connect with designers and makers from around the world at this exciting two-day event focused on technology, design and the future of experiences. In case you haven't made up your mind just yet, here are five good reasons you need to be at Xlab on October 27 and 28 in New York:

1. Two words: Virtual Reality. It's no longer just a concept or a vision of the future. It is a real platform that is now finding its way into new experiential environments and creating new ways to generate and experience creation. Let Xlab speakers Kyle Banuelos (dotdotdash) and Yasmin Eleyat (Scatter) be your guide into how you can make the most of the VR boom. (And it's not all about VR, either. We'll be talking new materials, next-gen interaction, and more!)

2. Your choice of six tours, including two "back by popular demand": Reality Interactive's Interactive Retail Tour, and LED Lab with Float4. Explore New York City’s most innovative, dazzling and interactive of digital retail experiences, be inspired and gain insight into the behind-the-scenes design and mechanics that achieve the end objective with Reality Interactive as your host. OR, experiment with the different products, form-factors, software engines, material treatments and resolutions of LED technologies, all in their real-life scale with Float4. More about tours.

3. The people you'll meet: there will be ample opportunity (tours, Show+Tell's Rocktober party,mid-day breaks, the NYC chapter mixer and more!) to meet like-minded and innovative designers, makers, speakers, technology experts and students. After all, SEGD is known as the friendliest design association!

4. It's Autumn in New York: not the movie, the season! Xlab 2015’s venue is once again the SVA Theatre in Chelsea. You’ll be surrounded by all the great experiences that New York has to offer: food, shopping, museums, and theater, plus delightful Autumn weather. BONUS: Xlab is part of New York Digital Signage Week, so there are loads of adjacent activities and events happening. Check out #NYDSW

5. You and your clients deserve it:  Tons of scientific research has proven that taking breaks boosts your focus,  creativity, and productivity. Attending Xlab 2016 will provide the needed break and face-time with your peers and mentors—not to mention creating an environment of continuous learning for yourself and your practice! You clients, of course, will receive the benefit of your new knowledge and renewed focus. Can you say "win-win"?


So what are you waiting for? Register today!



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