40 Great Moments in Environmental Graphic Design

40 Great Moments in EGD

From the Paris Metro to wayfinding apps, EGD continues to do what it has always done: connect people to place.

A small group of pioneering designers first met and formed SEGD 40 years ago, and they can be credited with giving a name to the discipline called Environmental Graphic Design.

But EGD has been evolving for many more than 40 years, and there have been many great EGD moments both before and since SEGD was formed. Innovative places, people, technologies, projects, books, breakthroughs, and events (many more than 40) can be credited with helping to shape the discipline that ultimately—across technologies, geographies, time, and culture—connects people to place.

Here’s my list of the big things that changed the status quo, influenced us, and helped build, define, and refine a design discipline. I chose 40 moments that had a major impact on me, my peers, and the emerging design field that we now call environmental graphics. For the several projects listed I could have selected many others, similarly influential and important. Sorry I couldn’t include all the great suggestions from my fellow Fellows and other veteran SEGD members.

–By Wayne Hunt, eg magazine No. 05, 2013

Editor's note: Wayne Hunt, FSEGD, founded Pasadena, Calif.-based Hunt Design in 1977. He and the firm have planned, designed, and implemented more than 200 signage and graphics and exhibit programs worldwide. Wayne is the author of three books on signage and
 graphics and an adjunct professor at Art Center College of Design. He often combines his two passions: drawing and travel.


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