3M Innovation Tour

3M Innovation Tour
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 - 9:00am

3M Innovation Tour

Wednesday, September 14th

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


3M Innovation Tour featuring the World of 3M Innovation Technology

Mini Tradeshow 

Catered Chef Luncheon

Prize Giveaways


This event takes place in Maplewood at the 3M Innovation center. 3M is one of SEGD MSPs biggest sponsors to date for our chapter and we are in for a real treat with this upcoming tour. The centerpiece of the 3M Innovation Center is the World of 3M Innovation. The World of 3M Innovation is comprised of interactive displays, films, presentations and stories that provide us with the opportunity to connect our customers to the depth and breadth of everything that 3M has to offer (e.g., business processes, technologies, products and global connectivity).


Not only will there be a tour of the Innovation Center itself, but there is also a mini-tradeshow with 6 different local companies participating and displaying their latest products (including 3M)! This is a very unique opportunity for SEGD MSP Members and those who are interested in becoming a part of the SEGD MSP Chapter.


BE SURE to RSVP with your YES to this catered event  as not only will the Innovation Center blow your mind, but there will be more prize giveaways, wonderful networking opportunities and your chance to see, hear, feel and interact with the technology that has changed the way we live today.  Sponsored by 3M

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