2020 SEGD Arrow Award recipient

22MILES is a Silicon Valley based company offering you the world’s best digital signage and wayfinding  software platform. Off-the-shelf ready, Publisher Pro™ provides your creative department a comprehensive design and management platform that allows DESIGNERS to easily create, schedule and manage digital signage content for static or touchscreen displays, 3D wayfinding, self-servce kiosks, large format video walls and room boards.

With Publisher Pro™ designers can easily create and support the requirements of any global brand’s digital signage project, while at the same time, have the ability to offer your clients a variety of standard built-in “premium” features.
Just some of Publisher Pro’s built-in feature capabilities:

  • Free form design, no bounding box restrictions
  • Eyedrop color picker –for quick and easy color matching
  • Only software in the world with Built-In 3D Map Builder and user editing capabilities
  • Absolutely no coding, flash or HTML experience needed
  • Variety of design filters, animations, and transitions for novice user design control
  • Built-In-Features: VoIP calling with Cisco Jabber, Lync and more, 3D Google Earth, 360 Panoramic Views & more!
  • Drag & Drop Media Widgets – Images, Videos, News & Weather, Flash, Streaming Videos, HTML, PDF files, PPT files, and more!
  • 3rd Party Data Integration –JSON, CSV, SOAP, SQL, XML,HTML, RSS, Outlook, Beacon Tech, Google Drive, NFC and more!
  • Advanced user-defined scheduling features with unique zone media based scheduling
  • 1-click capability to publish any wayfinding solution to MOBILE WEB
  • Smart Search™ - built in interactive keyboard for easy ¬ final destination searching
  • Map It Now™ - receive instant turn by turn directions.
  • Smart Pathway™- intelligent algorithm that auto-generates directions based on shortest path and ease of accessibility.
  • 360 Panoramic View™ - pop up window that can display ¬ final destination images.
  • Dynamic Pop Up™ - display a description, video or webpage for any destination.
  • Take your map™ - print, Text or email directions to your mobile device.
  • Construction Pathway Re-Routing™ - smart detour scheduling capabilities.


Interactive Property Wayfinding – Integrate property maps for a more accurate and convenient reference point for your  audience experience.

3D Mapping -- Enhance any visitor’s experience with a realistic, 360 degree, interactive 3-Dimenstional multi-building, and multifloor representation.

Digital Directions -- Visually relieve the directional frustration of visitors, guests and employees throughout any property.

Mobile Way¬finder – Scan your embedded QR codes and have directions sent via text, email and as a map or even listed out as text; send multi-destination, multi-building, multi-floor, one-way, and popular locations to any users’ mobile device.

View videos of 22Miles’s Exciting New WayTouch Premier Wayfindingand their ‘one-click to publish mobile app’.

Contact Tomer Mann for more information.


2020 SEGD Arrow Award | 22MILES
2020 SEGD Arrow Award Winner, 22MILES

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