222 Java Corners

Finalist 2018

In response to this tech company’s increasing need for flexibility and personality within their workspaces, the design team developed a strategy for this unique campus that could evolve with its users as business units changed and the workplace evolved. Exploring advertising billboards as inspiration, the team developed a structural vocabulary with abstracted trusses to create broad and continuous surfaces along primary circulation axes. The billboard as metaphor pays tribute to the client as the pioneering force in online advertising. The structural truss system provides the opportunity to update design features over time as well as unify adjacent buildings while giving each space a sense of identity. The team worked closely with the client’s finance user group and real estate teams to develop overarching concepts for the billboards.

The 222 Java Corners building explores street-level bill posting and how this medium becomes embedded in our environment over time. Materiality, layering and transparency were studied in order to develop distinct visual compositions, then curated with architectural design elements. Billboard artwork was coordinated to relate designs to furniture finishes, and lighting fixtures throughout the building. Wild-posting and large-scale billboards serve as inspiration for the artwork.

Using the multi-generational aspect of posting spaces, several layers of campaigns play off of one another to create curated layouts. Genuine bill-posting printing techniques and adhesives were used in order to achieve a level of true authenticity. 160 unique posters were designed and curated into 23 layered installations. Posters were applied to construction grade plywood and layered with additional posters, then ripped and weathered to expose desired compositions.

Design Firms: 

Media Objectives


222 Java Corners

Project Area: 

95,125 sq ft

Open Date: 

March 2017

Photo Credits: 

Marco Zecchin/Image Center, Media Objectives (photography)

Design Team: 

Shane Hendry (art director, designer); Ellen Bean Spurlock, Crystal Adams (project managers)


Antlre Creative, AMP Printing

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