2021 SEGD Branded Environments Virtual

2021 SEGD Branded Environments Virtual

SEGD Branded Environments 2021 is the event purely focused on brand experiences that transform engagement within public spaces. And this past year has provided designers with new opportunities to redefine that engagement. False starts and Delta-waves notwithstanding, we are beginning to re-enter our cherished public spaces. And as we return, we come back to spaces transformed by improved public health consciousness and an increased awareness of racial and gender equity along with design in service of community.


Designing for the Hybrid Environment: What’s New, What’s Not
Primo Orpilla, Co-Founder, Studio O+A
Elizabeth Vereker, Design Director, Brand, Studio O+A
While BE firms strive to unite people, build culture, and create a sense of belonging within physical workplaces, how is this even possible given today’s seemingly disparate arrangement between working in offices and homes? Using their award-winning branded environment work with McDonald’s and other global organizations as case studies, principals from Studio O+A and Leviathan will be walking through the common threads of both pre-pandemic and current hybrid design strategies, as well as how future projects are being approached.

Rethinking Retail Spaces and Experiences for the Post-Covid World
Sponsored by DCL
Bruce Leonard, Managing Principal, Streetsense
Donna Oetzel, Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Consumer Experience Lead, Streetsense
Michael D Smith, Director of Real Estate, Streetsense
Ever since the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007/2008, retail has been in a state of continuous and radical transformation. The advent of e-commerce and its focus on price, convenience, and selection is one of the most notable and enduring outcomes of this period. Consumers began to shift their expenditures in physical retail destinations away from goods and services in favor of more experiential offerings like food & beverage, entertainment, and leisure-based activities. This shift put more emphasis on design and experience versus traditional retail fundamentals like co-tenancy and visibility. The Covid pandemic has only accelerated the trajectory of change in the realm of retail — with ecommerce becoming not just a preference but a necessity. This lecture will focus on optimizing new and existing retail environments in the Covid and post Covid era to respond to changing consumer mindsets and creating holistic real estate strategies that resonate at every level — from brand to place and beyond.

Social Justice and Hospitality: Eaton Workshop
Sheldon Scott, Artist and Global Head of Purpose, Eaton Workshop

Design and Research: Connected Environments
Panel Discussion
Marquise Stillwell, Founder & Principal, Openbox
Fitgi Saint-Louis, Senior Brand + Experience Creative
Paul McConnell, Director Digital Studio, ARUP

Leading the Conversation: How Brand Experince Informs Workplace Design
Sponsored by Color-Ad
Jessica Beck, Design Director, Gensler’s Brand Design Studio, (New York)

Curating Branded Images with Inclusivity First
Joanne Rarangol, Surface Imaging Specialist, Designtex

Evolving Brand Workplace from Local Start-Up to Global
Anna Lai, Experiential Design Director, IA Interior Architects

Delivering Meaningful Environments – Creating impactful brand experiences through digital placemaking
Cheryl Catterall, Creative Director, Moment Factory
In the last 18 months, through our increased reliance on digital technology, the notion of community has shifted, and we, as designers, brand owners and clients, can become instigators of change, to welcome the collective back into the public spheres. The challenge is to create authentic spaces, where value and meaning reside, and people feel connection and agency within them. In this talk, I will discuss how multimedia activation can foster an experiential identity at different scales to cultivate wellbeing, bridge the digital and physical divides, and adapt to emerging patterns as communities grow and develop around it.

Adaption and Resiliency: A New Design Approach
Elizabeth Ward, Senior Project Designer, Ware Malcomb 
Danielle Forte, Owner/Designer, DForte Design





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