2021 Management + Leadership Summit Videos

2021 Management + Leadership Summit Videos

2021 Management + Leadership Summit Videos

M+L 2021 featured successful design leaders and clients, finance experts, visionary creative change makers who focus on the current business trends, cultural shifts, employment realities, and technological advances that will help firms lead with resiliency and build new revenue strategies.

An all-female lineup of speakers, known for their visionary leadership, shared their unique perspectives and experiences with honest conversations about how they are adapting to virtual life and what impact this new way of working will have as we look towards the future. They shared actionable insights and the new strategies and tools they developed to lead with empathy while building new revenue streams and relationships forged in collaboration.

Developed for design business executives, studio principals, emerging professionals, and self-employed creatives, this package offers sessions and dialogue aimed at helping designers and business people build a toolkit that includes financial strategy, best practice, social equity, emotional intelligence, management, and marketing.

Actionable Business Tools for the Changing Environment: How can we lead inclusively and with intentionality? How can we be honest with ourselves, our clients, and our teams even when the truth is challenging? What are the key measures of our fiscal success and how can we achieve our financial goals while maintaining a work/life balance?

Design Practices That Build Equity and Inclusivity: How can design support social responsibility and build equity? What does a commitment to public work and community look like?

Being Creative While in Lockdown:  How are  individuals responding to the impact of the pandemic on jobs and lifestyle? What tools can we utilize to keep it real and keep it fun? When do we need to ask for advice and support and where can we find it?

Successful Client Collaboration in a Virtual World: How has the client perspective evolved with the pandemic? What do clients need from designers right now? How can designers pivot to successfully support the new normal of Zoom meetings and Google docs?

This package contains the following MP4 video files, a total of 453 minutes of material:

  • Future Proofing: Democratizing Design Solutions, Jadalia Britto
  • Is It Tomorrow Yet?, AJ Goehle, Jenni Ogden, Kathy Fredrickson
  • Roadmap To Recovery, Megan Haase
  • What Clients Want, Abby Bysshe, Aparna Bapu, Maria Elena Gutierrez
  • The Future Of Work - New Emerging Design Principles, Flavia Sparacino
  • Your Prosperity Playbook, Mackey McNeil
  • Accelerating Your Leadership Potential, Ebony Smith
  • Tactics And Time Management, Cybelle Jones
  • Models For Equity Building in Design, Ujijji Davis, Wendy Evans Joseph, Amy Wang
  • Leadership In Times of Crisis-Your Support Network, Jill Ayers, Amy Lukas, Jen Bressler

*Your Crystal Ball - Qualifying New Clients, Emily Cohen is available exclusively to 2021 M+L Live Participants.

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