2020 SEGD Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW: Day 1 - Global Moderated Discussion

In response to the global crises currently underway, designers from Oceania and India will address what they are seeing in their home states, and what they are doing to help people feel safe, comfortable, confident, and welcome in public places. They will discuss best practices in signage, environments, digital platforms, icon making, and communication given new paradigms and behaviors. And, they will talk about the evolving market demand for experiences in urban centers, retail environments, health care facilities, and university settings.

> Wellington, New Zealand - Nick Kapica, Isthmus, Principal
> Sydney, Australia - Paul Tabouré, Founder and Executive Creative Director, and Charlie Bromley, Head of Environments, THERE 
> Mumbai, India - Baarish Date, Graphics Beyond, Co-founder

Moderated Discussion led by Despina Macris, DotDash, Director, SEGD Board Member and Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW Co-Chair, Brisbane, Australia

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