2020 SEGDVoices: Large Scale Art as City Branding

Large Scale Art as City Branding

Cities, corporations, and other organizations are increasingly integrating large-scale artworks into their development projects in an effort to prioritize the customer experience. A latest example at the Salt Lake City International Airport (#TheNewSLC) is the subject of this SEGDVoices.  Artist Gordon Huether and Bruce Dickinson of Rainier Industries will discuss the journey from inspiration to finished design for Gordon’s monumental works in the new airport, a major installation that creates both a strong identity and a sense of place for this highly public space.

Early in the redevelopment process, the Salt Lake City Department of Airports asked for community input. The theme of Utah’s world-renown natural beauty emerged prompting city and airport executives to commission Gordon Huether to create several structurally integrated art installations into the re-designed airport. Chief among these works, “The Canyon” is Huether’s largest installation there. It mimics the beautifully smooth, undulating forms of Utah’s “slot canyon” landscape, and helps to define and enhance the passenger experience. Fabricated in partnership with Fabritec Structures and Rainier Industries, the monumental work roughly spans the length of a football field, and incorporates more than two acres of composite fabric, and the equivalent of seven miles of aluminum tubing. The entire work consists of over 500 individual tensile membrane fins.

In this SEGDVoices, you will hear about the opportunities, challenges, creative process, and work involved in the development of this public placemaking that defines one of the U.S. newest, and most advanced airports.

Sponsored by Rainier Industries