2020 SEGD Young Designers Series

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As an integral part of the conference, the Young Designers Series is a platform for designers between the ages of 18 and 35, and for experienced professionals newly transitioning into the EGD field. The Young Designers Series is a curated experience for those who are eager to develop their careers and are looking for a stimulating environment to share insights with peers and experienced EGD professionals. This multi-day YD Series consists of presentations, group discussions, and mentor/mentee connections. We are on the lookout for designers eager to participate and share their stories, ideas and insights! If you or someone you know is interested in sharing their unique story, please prepare and submit an outline for consideration to speak at the YD Series.

Here's what we're looking for:

• What have you experienced through the early stages of your career or education?
• What are your struggles and successes in your career path?
• What do you wish you had been told in school or at your firm?
• Where do you find yourself now in terms of opportunities or skill sets?
• What's your shareable takeaway to inspire the group?

Remember, your story and experiences are uniquely yours! All young and transitioning designers are encouraged to prepare and submit their unique story for consideration in PDF format by midnight EST on Thursday, March 12, 2020 to Hannah Anderson, Chair of YDS: [email protected]

PDF Submission Requirements:

  • Full name, firm and position
  • Email and phone contact information
  • Years of experience in the EGD-field
  • Introductory paragraph and drafted story outline
  • Formatted into one-single PDF, emailed by midnight EST on Thursday, March 12, 2020  to Hannah Anderson, Chair of YDS: [email protected]

Just in case you need a little extra incentive . . .

All SEGD Design Associate members within the first 3 years of graduation receive discounted registration to the full conference. All SEGD Design Student members in good standing receive FREE registration to the full Conference.

Here’s a little bit about the Young Designers Series to get your team excited:

  • Did you realize that 47% of our SEGD membership are millennials?! That makes our designers in the age range of 18-35 a critical part of the SEGD organization. The YD Series is for you!

Join this supportive environment to connect with and gain insight from peers, colleagues, and
experienced EGD professionals.

Participation in the YD Series is free with Full Access conference registration. Connect with Hannah Anderson, Chair of
the YDS, at [email protected].

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