2019 Young Designers Summit

Get your portfolio reviewed by leaders in the SEGD industry

Did you realize that 47% of our SEGD membership are millennials?! That makes you, if you’re a young designer between 18 and 34 years old, a critical part of our organization!

So this is for you!

Every year SEGD hosts a Young Designers Summit, a forum to openly share and discuss topics and issues related to career experience, challenges and development.

Join us In a supportive environment to connect with and gain insight from peers, colleagues and experienced professionals in a series of round table discussions and presentations

And by the way, if you have experiences about your career journey that you’d like to share, and that might help and provide insight to colleagues, please let us know; you might qualify for a stipend to offset the costs for attending the Annual Conference!

Get in touch with George Lim, chair of the YDS, at [email protected]

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