2019 Fellow and Achievement Awards

2019 SEGD Fellow is Paula Scher of Pentagram

The SEGD Achievement and Fellow Awards are SEGD’s annual Hall of Fame. Meet the 2019 SEGD Fellow—the Poet Laureate of Experiential Graphic Design—as well as the other people and organizations leading the discipline and the SEGD community.

Check out present and past winners of the SEGD Fellow Award and Achievement Awards! 

2019 SEGD Fellow Award:

Paula Scher, Partner at Pentagram

2019 SEGD Arrow Award:


2019 SEGD Chapter Chair Award:

Cynthia Damar-Schnobb, Partner at Entro

2019 SEGD Distinguished Member Award:

Donald Kiel, Retired Manager of Wayfinding & Visitor Information at New York-Presbyterian (and SEGD Auction hero)

2019 SEGD Educator Award:

Robert Probst, Dean at the University of Cincinnati (DAAP)

2019 SEGD Insight Award:


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