2018: Portland Chapter Student Event

2018 Portland Chapter Student Event

Our first event of 2018 will focus on Student outreach where six students will participate in the interview process.

In addition to the mock-interviews and portfolio reviews, the students will be given a tour of the design studio they're visiting as well as being treated for lunch. The design studio's of Mayer/Reed, Anderson Krygier, and Ancona & Associates in Portland, Oregon will be the participating hosts.

At the lunch, we will be joined with a special guest Chris Kirkaldie from Center Pointe Signs (Our 2017 chapter sponsor). We will be announcing that each of the participating students will receive a free SEGD student membership. This will be paid for with funds CPS gave that were specifically intended for students. We're happy to fulfill that promise.

A special thank you to Kathy Fry with Mayer/Reed for putting this event together.



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