2018 Podcast | Sketchup for EGD: Modeling Signs, Graphics and Spaces

SEGD Podcast about the fundimentals of Sketchup for Experential Graphic Designers

What you will learn:
Navigating through Sketchup while learning to create design environments from scratch.

Review materials, custom graphic wraps, effective grouping and scene organization, 3D techniques, and use of Layout companion software.

Questions answered:

  • What is the professional cost of Sketchup?
  • How can you replicate illuminated signing?
  • What are some ways you can make photos 3D in Sketchup?
  • Museums appreciate pottery, sculptures and statues illustrated in renderings. How could a photo such as a statue be represented in Sketchup?
  • What other programs do EGD professionals use?
  • Are there multiple ways to make photos 3D?

Podcast Materials:
3 downloadable mp4 Adobe Connect webinar files

Approximately 55:48 minutes

Josh Reilly Sketchup





Students & Associates: 

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