2018 Podcast | Sign Location Plans

Sign Location Plans

What you will learn:
Cloud-based approaches for surveying and managing sign assets.

Integrating cloud-based technology into wayfinding projects including project structure, site survey/assessment, and generate reports. Covers how beacons work and how to use them.

Questions answered:
• How much time do these cloud-based systems save a firm over the traditional illustrator way of working?
• What kind of challenges do you run into if you only have a photocopy of the floor plans vs. using a cloud-based program?
• What mobile apps will pair with beacons?
• What is the general lifetime of one of these systems before they become obsolete?
• Is it a seamless process to update background floorplans when sign locations are already tagged?
• Can you customize the sign location markers on the plans?

Podcast Materials:
2 downloadable mp4 Adobe Connect webinar files

Approximately 60:00 minutes

Lauren Kelly Sheridan of Mustard Square





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