2018 Podcast | Designing Donor and Story Walls

Designing Donor Recognition and Story Walls

What you will learn:
Sharing the design process and client engagement methodology for creating the appropriate strategy, visual system, material application, and integration signage that can be thoughtfully planned and installed at visitors centers, museums, corporate environments, campuses and educational facilities.

Learn the design process for developing effective donor recognition and story walls for your clients.

Questions answered:
• How do you plan ahead for alphabetical listings when donor wall is a continuous program?
• How do you measure anecdotal metrics from clients?
• When designing a donor wall how do you determine what materials are best suitable for the wall given each projects environment?

Podcast Materials:
4 downloadable mp4 Adobe Connect webinar files

Approximately 57:64 minutes

Michael Courtney – Principal, Michael Courtney Designg
Fran Terry – Senior Designer + Project Manager, Michael Courtney Design





Students & Associates: 

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