2018 Podcast | Changing Space with Technology

Changing Space with Technology

What you will learn:
Technology-enabled workflows and platforms that are redefining how we design for spaces and ultimately how people interact within them.

How to use the latest technology to quickly organize research, experiment with concepts, work across teams, or learn in real-time.

Questions Answered:
• How have these tools helped your process? I.e. in productivity gains or quality of work?
• Does it help when talking to clients if you can back up your ideas with data?
• Can you recommend a platform or tool to share assets across mediums: print, signage, web, programmers?
• Have you seen a static signage project where eye-tracking glasses were used to evaluate wayfinding on-site?

Podcast Materials:
3 downloadable mp4 Adobe Connect webinar files

Approximately 56:35 minutes

Paul McConnell, Intersection





Students & Associates: 

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