2018 Podcast | Balancing Physical + Digital with Immersive Environments

Balancing Physical + Digital with Immersive Environments

What will you learn:
The latest best practices for how to balance Physical and Digital Engagement when creating Immersive Environments. Top trends and effectiveness for engaging customers with digital brand experiences.

Explore best practices designers are following in balancing the use a both physical and digital elements when creating an immersive environment.

Questions Answered:

  • How are clients measuring the success of the customers engagement with their brand?
  • Have you had an experience with a client where they were not into implementing an immersive experience? How do you turn a brand-new client into an advocate?
  • Do immersive solutions ever start to become tiered by price rage or is everything truly custom budgeted for solution?
  • In terms of trends, where are sensors, customization of content and targeting? These are the cutting edge of on-line experiences now. do you see that coming in physical environments anytime soon?
  • Where does AI fit within the digital/physical world?
  • Is that push for immersive physical stores from retail brands that have only ever been digital?
  • How can traditional EGD firms get involved in immersive digital experiences?

Podcast Materials:
3 downloadable mp4 Adobe Connect webinar files

Approximately 60 minutes

Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye Global


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