2017 Podcast | Team Dynamics: Managing Designers


Speaker: Pia Sachleben, Senior Environmental Graphic Designer, Gensler, Chicago

This Podcast takes you beyond the fundamental knowledge of what XGD is, to the dynamics of working in a design team. It is through the sharing of my own personal war stories that we will explore building a team, work critiques, and what someone with 12 years of experience can still learn. From someone who is self-taught, to someone who is mentoring, what can we do to make the next generation better than us?

I have been in the industry for nearly 12 years, in teams of various sizes. My secret to success? Creating and re-creating teams who will rally behind you no matter how big or small a project is. As designers, our training is never complete. We are constantly evolving, improving, and pushing beyond the designated box. Without learning, we are not fueling what it is that drives us to create. Part of being a designer is accepting that you will always be an innovator. However, before you become the driving force of design innovation, you have to learn the fundamentals; such as creating a memorable experience, telling a story with space, and most of all, working holistically with your design team.

About Pia:
Pia Sachleben’s experience ranges across print, digital and environmental graphics, with an emphasis on the design of wayfinding signage systems, monumental graphics and branded environments. Skillful in collaboration and an overall team player, Pia has completed a wide range of environmental graphics projects, including: convention centers, sports/entertainment venues, hospitality, mixed-use developments, healthcare, retail, and urban sign systems. Beyond environmental graphics, Pia Sachleben has worked on branding, print design, web design, and experiential marketing projects.

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