2016 Podcast | Designing with Code

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What you will learn:
Designing with Code will teach you about foundational web skills and platforms that aide in the development and design of basic web programming elements.

Understand the structure of modern web platforms and coding language syntax as it applies to the design of websites, CMS, digital signage and other connective experiential platforms

Questions Answered: 
•What advice would you give about which platform to build your firms website on?
•How suitable are Squarespace and Wix for building  an EGD firms website on?
•Outside of CSS are there any other options to manipulate type on a website/cloud based digital application?
•How do I make sure that my type is responsive (to changing platform sizes)?
•Can you use your website content for signage content?

Podcast Materials:
3 downloadable mp4 Adobe Connect webinar files 

Approximately 45:00 minutes

Lauren Kelly Sheridan, Mustard Square/SenovvA




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