2015 SEGD Global Design Awards Intro

The 2015 SEGD Global Design Awards are now closed.

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Great Experiential Graphic Design (XGD) happens when multi-disciplinary creative teams collaborate to develop inspired, content-rich, emotionally compelling experiences. The SEGD Global Design Awards honor a wide range of projects, from interactive multi-media environments to complex hospital wayfinding systems, and from museum exhibition design to three-dimensional brand expression. Retail and interior projects, architectural signage, public art, design research, and books have also won SEGD Global Design Awards.

Why should you enter? The accolades are great, but they're far from the only benefit of stepping into the arena of great XGD.

"Winning competitions helps get us new business, sure. But it also helps in recruiting great talent, inspiring our team and, most important, connecting us with new people who are solving exciting new problems. That's what I value the most about it."
Anthony Vitagliano, Digital Kitchen (team member, 2014 Best in Show)

The SEGD Global Design Awards gallery has been viewed more than 500,000 times so far this year on SEGD.org. That's exposure no firm can afford to miss out on!

Entry Deadline
January 31, 2015

Late Deadline
February 14, 2015

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