2015 Podcast | LED 101

Podcast Ross Hancock


What you will learn

LED101 will take you through the basic A to Z of LED technology: from their physical construction and components, to the various ways they can be integrated into an architectural/EGD/XGD context. Learn about specifications, pitch, size and resolution as well as how they affect application. Gain valuable insights on using LED technology for signage, graphics and an ambient light source. Engage in in-depth dialog about technology, projects and design with a leader in the field.

Purpose:  Raise Level of Confidence in Specifying Products / Best Practices & Methodology

Goal:  To Remove Fear & Build Confidence when introducing Technology into your projects

Content: Technology Integration – types: LCD’s, LED’s, Video Wall, Kiosk, Projection- With a Primary Focus on LED’s


  • How they are used
  • Deploying digital technology into projects.
  • Differences between DIP and SMD Lamps (and what is a DIP and SMD lamp)
  • The nuts & bolts
  • Budgeting
  • Components and vocabulary
  • What are the limitations?
  • Brightness and Resolution– how they affect visibility
  • Calibration
  • Internal Use/External Use
  • Communication to screens
  • Electricity Requirements
  • Heat exposure


Course Materials

  • This course contains 6 videos, including a Q&A Session 
between Speaker and Participants.



  • Approximately 60 minutes




Presented January 11, 2015


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