2015 Podcast | Digital Signs 101

Podcast Greg Neely + Jeff Collard


What you will learn

In this talk, Greg Neelyand Jeff Collardexplain digital signage and its use across verticals from the user experience and software perspectives. Greg Neely uses his expertise in user experience to explain 3 key concepts when utilizing digital signage to connect people to place: the user is everything, anything is possible, and do less. In his portion of the talk, Greg explains how to successfully integrate digital signage into architectural projects to create spaces that actually work for users. He stresses the importance of looking at digital signage through the lens of user experience and explains how to do so.

Jeff Collard walks us through case studies in digital signage that relate to elements of interactivity, user engagement, and using new technologies that connect people to place. Omnivex provides the tools that make the user-centered digital signage projects which Greg described possible. He describes some of the up-and-coming concepts in digital signage and discusses different kinds of media for maximum impact. Jeff talks about how we can bring information to users that they may not have sought out themselves—data-driven content. He expertly explains how to craft the right kind of experiences for your audience through digital signage. 


Learn the fundamentals of digital signage systems and how you can integrate digital into your next sign project!

  • What is Digital Signage
  • What are the types of Digital Signage
  • What are the components that make up Digital Signage
  • Design Case Studies: Evaluating the need for Digital Signage
  • Integrating Systems
  • Digital Signage Program Budget Scenarios
  • Collaboration between designers and fabricators when using digital signage 
  • What is UX? What makes a positive user experience?
  • Refining digital signage to better serve users
  • Using real-time information to drive content
  • The Internet of Things
  • Communication platforms
  • Data-driven content
  • Adjusting how information is presented in digital signage to create experiences that are specific for the user
  • Considerations and restrictions in digital signage projects
  • Video walls
  • Responsive and interactive systems to create engagement with the environment


Questions Answered

  • At what point does the collection of data become too intrusive?
  • How do you get clients to understand their actual needs versus their perceived needs?
  • Audience poll: What are the challenges that you (your firm) are facing with digital signage projects right now?
  • What percentage of your projects today incorporate a digital component?
  • What is the breakdown of indoor vs outdoor digital signage projects?
  • Audience poll: what type of project contexts are you currently working on where there is a technology component?
  • How much of the project work for digital do you create in-house vs working with other specialists?
  • Given that these systems are custom, what if the process to train the users to use these products? 


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 webinar with 3 parts including a Q&A Session.  



  • Approximately 75 minutes




Presented May 7, 2015

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