2014 Podcast | Beyond Screens: Immersive Experiences


Presented July 14, 2014

Immersive Experiences are starting to appear everywhere. As designers and their clients continue to expand the use of integrative and responsive technology into their environments and spaces, immersive experiences will continue to evolve and converge with their respective contexts. Immersive Experiences are an exciting and rapidly expanding practice area that all XGD designers need to retain fluency in regardless of their focus market segment. We discussed the role of collaboration, opportunities for innovation, and the challenges inherent in managing complexity. Watch this tech-centric conversation featuring project case studies that will give you essential insights and best practices when working in the digital medium.

Course Content:

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Collaboration: The Integrated Design Process
A Primer for Designers to Guide their Clients
Paul Flanigan,Executive Director, Digital Screenmedia Association

  • Learn why it’s not just about the technology but more importantly the message and objectives
  • Understand what types of technologies are most appropriate for a project and context
  • Learn when critical decisions need to be made with your client
  • Better position yourself for effective collaboration with vendors and suppliers

Videos 3-5: Innovation: Beyond Screens
Pushing the Boundaries of Experiential Media
Steve Culver,GKD Media Mesh
Sam Stubblefield,NBBJ Studio 07
David Mayman,Gensler SF

  • Gain the insights of what is possible across the full spectrum of digital media
  • Learn about the role of immersive and ambient media and the environments and contexts to use it
  • Understand why a screen isn’t always the most effective tool to achieve an outcome
  • Be able to help your clients understand the how and why when using ambient technologies
  • Understand the role that code can play in shaping digital-physical experiences
  • Learn why prototyping is critical for testing applications at scale before deploying

Video 4: Q&A - Panelists and Attendees

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