10 Recent Digital Projects Shaping Experiential Graphic Design

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We asked several of the most tech-savvy experts within the SEGD community for their picks of the most recent and influential experiential graphic design using digital technology. The main criteria informing their choices were: shows significant innovation, inspiration and has raised the bar for experiential graphic design.

NOTE: This list has been compiled from our experts' top recommendations and is in no way comprehensive or presented in any specific order. 

Court Vision / Mountain Dew NBA All Star Toronto

dot dot dash designed and produced this 3-day experiential celebration of the intersection of basketball, cutting-edge technology, art, and culture where guests immersed themselves within virtual reality (VR) at one of four custom designed and fabricated stations. 

Meraas City Walk

The Meraas City Walk in Dubai is a combined retail, leisure and resident development that features one of the most extensive digital installations yet completed, as part of its goal of creating a new destination for tourists and local residents. Digital elements are integrated into the public spaces at the development, which covers more than 85,700 sq m of space. The project was spearheaded by New York-based experiential design and technology studio Float4.

AirBus Customer Experience Center

A collaboration among Hornall Anderson, Leviathan and Schema, AirBus's new DC headquarters is an interactive showcase for the company's people, products and ideas. This digital-heavy center is an example of high-end design meeting themed-attraction “wow” for learning and playing on a theme where content, interaction and physical arrangement could otherwise have been very dry material. 

Microsoft Lobby Cube Experience

Created through a collaboration of Digital Kitchen and Gensler, digital installations and ambient visuals better connect humans with the physical and natural environments around them, bringing the outside in with natural aesthetic and grace, gently visualizing elements such as water, forest flocking birds and clouds affected by the movement of passersby. 

Disney Haunted Mansion

The addition of the MagicBand at Disney parks (park entry, FastPass queueing and more) is a game-changer for personalized customer experiences. Is today your birthday? Ghosts might smash a virtual cake onto your head to celebrate. From the Big Apple? A ghost might hold a sign as you pass that says “New York or Bust”. Leviathan worked on the Haunted Mansion with a team of vendors.  


Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall Interactive with GO FLIGHT app

Created by Bluecadet, from close-up the user is able to navigate through the collections, and get a sense for the connections between exhibits, artifacts and their affect on our modern lives. If a user selects an artifact, they can send it to the app on their smartphone via a code, and the app will actively guide the visitor to the artifact in the 60,000 item collection. Once outside the museum, the main functionality of the app shifts from wayfinding and providing context for artifacts to content.

Noticing Tools

Math and science meet recess in Local Projects' SEGD Merit Award 2016 winner, developed iPad tools in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and New York Hall of Science that help students recognize invisible scientific and mathematical forces at work while they’re at play. Jury comments convey the impact: "This project illustrates how our environment and technology can connect to. . . understand complex principles of scientific concepts and theories."

One World Observatory

Three floors of experience at the top of the One World Trade Center offer numerous technology-enabled exhibits. In the Sky Pod elevator alone, floor-to-ceiling LED technology surrounds you with an immersive virtual time-lapse 500-year history of the earth you will see from the top.

Pixel Flow

Visitors step into ten different scenarios of light pixel spirals and custom sounds, activated by the flow of their own movements. With every gesture, colorful patterns evolve and move, and the audio system responds accordingly with a dynamic soundtrack.

Body Metrics

Local Projects' Jake Barton says it all:  "Body Metrics is the first ever experience that allows visitors own responses to a museum to become the exhibition itself. By measuring responses around factors like social, quiet or stress we can understand where visitors engage or learn the most. They become the best example of what data is today: personal, insightful and meaningful." The Body Metrics Exhibit won the 2016 Gold MUSE Award for Media and Technology, presented by The American Alliance of Museums. (Photos: The Tech Museum of Innovation)


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