10 Projection Mapping Projects That Inspire!

Projection Mapping has many names: projection mapping, pixel mapping, video mapping, or even architecturally registered mapping. Every year there are increasing numbers of impressive projection mapping projects cropping up. Past SEGD Board member Dan Moalli, of Technomedia Solutions helped us create a short list of inspiring projects.  (Want to learn the basics of projection mapping? Join SEGD for Xplorer Digital Bootcamp in LA, 7/14/16!)

Check these videos out:

1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House has a been a focal point for projection-mapping projects.  Initially done by Obscura Digital as part of its YouTube Symphony project, it is now incorporated into Vivid LIVE, Sydney’s annual festival of light and art.  At the 2015 festival, design collective Universal Everything illuminated the sails of the Sydney Opera House using a mix of projection mapping, hand drawings and CGI illustrations. Founder/director Matt Pyke pulled together a global team of 22 animators and studios to re-imagine the iconic building as a living mural.

2. Days of Bucharest

"Notable for its enormous scale, this project required 104 20,000 lumen projectors to cover this massive canvas.  Over 100,000 people flocked to the “Days of Bucharest” festival to celebrate the 555th anniversary of Romania’s capital city. The most anticipated show of the weekend was iMapp Bucharest 555, for which five international artist groups mapped a five minute and fifty-five second architectural projection against the 60,000 sq. ft facade of the Palace of Parliament building. The largest production of the three-day celebration, iMapp Bucharest 555 employed a number of complex multimedia mapping techniques to commemorate the date." - maxin10sity.net

3. "iBox"

"The “iBox”, by Bot and Dolly of San Francisco, explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.  The interplay between screens and cameras mounted on robotic arms blurs the barrier between perception and reality of depth of field, dimensional and other physical characteristics of the environment." - The Creator's Project

4. Hakanaï

Hakanaï is a choreographic performance for a dancer moving in a volume of moving images . In the Japanese language, Hakanaï defines what is impermanent , fragile, evanescent , transient , between dream and reality. Very "old world" , it evokes an elusive material associated with the human condition and its precariousness , but also associated with nature. It is written by combining two elements, the one that means the man and the one that means the dream. This symbolic collage is the starting point of that partition for a dancer encountering images, which raise a space at the fringe of the imaginary and the real. The images are animated live, according to physical models of movement, the rhythm of a sound design also performed live . Following the performance time , digital installation is open to spectators." - (translated) Youtube.com

5. Ink Mapping

Ink Mapping is video mapping projection on tattoos, by Oskar & Gaspar. Projection mapping onto a human canvas is relatively new.  In this video, the artists actually bring the tattoos of their subjects to life, in full color, creating the illusion that they move, morph and transform in ways never imagined.

6. La Petit Chef- Bouillabaisse

Projection mapping can be used to create immersive dining experiences, where the walls, tables and even the diners become part of the digital canvas.  In this case, the table and place settings become the stage for a wonderful piece of light-hearted performance art. By Skull Mapping.

7. Union Station, St. Louis

The largest, permanent projection mapping installation in North America, this award-winning installation by Technomedia transforms the glorious interior of St. Louis’s Union Station into a fantasy of light and sound, becoming a centerpiece of the city’s cultural landscape. The system runs shows on the hour, ranging from architectural vignettes of the Sistine Chapel, to underwater scenes of whales and shipwrecks, all of which seek to take full  advantage of the gigantic, barrel-vaulted ceiling and Beaux Arts details of the interior.

8. Porsche Macan: 3D Mapping and Dance Performance

Integrating live performers and projection mapping is inspiring audiences around the world.  In this case, dancers appear above, around and in the projected scene, to unveil the new Porsche Macan. By Sila Sveta.

9. Faberge Egg

Reimagining the iconic Faberge Egg, in grand scale, the artists of JUSTO take the idea of 3-D space to the next level. Conceived for Fabergé's Easter storefront display, the 360-degree mapped 3D installation is based on the company's pendent designs – which are 1/100th of the size of the 1.5m model – and incorporates an interactive touchscreen element to showcase the detail of the jewelry. The show is also technically impressive, as it using incredibly bright projectors, making the show visible during the day." - CreativeBloq

10. HIPA Awards Ceremony Performance

Projection-mapped choreography meets Enter the Dragon in a Auditoire's new performance at the Hamdan International Photography Award in Dubai, introducing its black and white category. A dancer enters the stage seemingly alone, but is soon challenged to a kung fu battle royale by his own digital shadow, and it only escalates from there. A second dancer gets involved, turning the show into something like a live episode of Dragonball Z, animated by MC Escher and directed by Bruce Lee." - The Creator's Project


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