10 Absolutely Vital Tools for Designing Digital Experiences from DesignX at DSE 2016

Tearing yourself away from the office for a professional development day isn’t easy, especially when there’s no clear value proposition. But DesignX is an obvious value-add. The digital world is advancing fast—will you be ready when your clients want to add an interactive user experience or media component to their project? At DesignX—March 15-16 during Digital Signage Expo 2016 in Las Vegas—you’ll leave with (at least) 10 new tools to help you design smart, user-centered digital experiences. Ready to take off?

So what’s in it for you? For starters, you’ll learn these 10 strategies for designing digital customer experiences:


1. How to create a digital dream team (Hint: It’s way different from traditional wayfinding and signage projects!)

--with Will Ayers,Selbert Perkins Design and Colleen Hamilton, Art of Context

2. How to integrate heavy UI/UX deliverables into your project (and where to find the talent)

3. How to present digital options to clients so that they’re not bogged down by the possibilities

--with Jeff Grantz,Materials and Methods

4. Exactly how to align content and experience with user and client needs

--with Refik Anadol,Refik Anadol Studio

5. How to develop a story or content narrative that is appropriate for the project objectives, including frequency of change, level of interactivity and maintenance and creation of future content

--with Jeff Dumo,Array Interactive and Pat Green, S|N|A

6. Concept mapping, including levels of connectivity and types of technologies required to deliver the appropriate experience

7. Understanding that the intended user experience drives platform choices

8. Create a digital project schedule that includes realistic benchmarks and helps manage client expectations

--with Mark Andreasson,Design Communications Ltd., Douglas Hampton-Dowson,Reality Interactive, and Jerry Harris, Georgia Aquarium

9. Build a digital budget, including getting accurate estimates from potential vendors and tech partners

10. How to use analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of digital signage and user experiences

--with Roger Starkweatherand Bryan Meszaros,OpenEye Global

After a full day of presentations on Tuesday, March 15, you’ll hit the Hard Rock Café for a DesignX social event, to meet new friends and compare notes with colleagues who are sharing your digital journey.

Wednesday morning, March 16, the journey continues with a guided tour of Digital Signage Expo 2016! As if the tradeshow swag wasn’t enough, you’ll learn about:

  • The latest and emerging technology, platforms and content delivery systems
  • The companies that will be your best digital experience partners


All this and Vegas, too! Get registered today for DesignX at Digital Signage Expo 2016 –capacity is limited and seats are filling up fast!

More information about the program and speakers

DesignX is presented by Reality Interactive.

Creo Industrial Artsis the sponsor of the after-workshop mixer March 15 and S|N|Ais the sponsor of the “Navigating Platform Choices” session.

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