“As We Are” Interactive Digital Sculpture

Finalist 2018

“As We Are” is an interactive digital sculpture that provides an opportunity for visitors, whether local or from far away, to engage with the community and ultimately become part of it. Dubbed the “ultimate selfie machine,” the sculpture allows users to take a photo of themselves via an integrated 3D photobooth, and have their portrait then mapped onto the exterior undulating LED display. In real time, visitors can view themselves on the monumental, face-shaped sculpture.

The portraits are saved, ultimately rotating throughout the day. With an expected lifetime of five years, each person becomes part of the community, locally in the event center and broader in the #AsWeAre online community that has worldwide visibility.

Weighing 7,000 pounds and comprised of over 850,000 individual LEDs, the sculpture was built on a 24-layer frame of contouring custom LED modules. Inside, 32 synchronized cameras capture a person's photograph and custom software stitches the photos back together to display across the surface.

Beyond extensive testing, synchronization of 32 cameras to recreate one image file for the head was a challenge. Each camera had to be tuned independently to the correct portion of the 3D model.

The sculpture also rotates, under its own power, to change positions. During the day, the sculpture faces into the lobby, while at night it faces outside the glass facade.

Visitors engage the sculpture on a personal level—but join a community as the sculpture cycles through its own history of past visitors.

Design Firm: 

Matthew Mohr


The Greater Columbus Convention Center

Project Area: 

225 sq ft

Open Date: 

September 2017

Photo Credits: 

Matthew Mohr Studios team: Matthew Mohr (photography), Dempsey Ewan (assistant), Isobel Hickok (footage)

Design Team: 

Matthew Mohr (envisioning artist), DCL (project development and production, tech / material / color / production consultant)


3D Capture & Imaging by Direct Dimensions, TellArt, Creosphere


DCL (Design Communications Ltd.)
SNA Displays

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